About Us

‘Baffo’ (Italian for ‘moustache’) is a new café/bar and takeaway with a prime location in the Kelvingrove area of Glasgow’s West End. The café offers a fresh perspective on Italian food, and a distinct departure from the site’s previous occupants, in cuisine and atmosphere alike.

Central to the café’s unique approach is ‘pizza al metro’,a long-rectangular pizza geared towards sharing between two or more people. The emphasis is on fresh traditional flavours with a fast turnaround, within a contemporary interior space.

Well placed in a neighbourhood frequented by students and young professionals alike, the identity for Baffo is purposely young and cordial. At the heart of the brand identity is a thick, curled moustache – a traditional characteristic of many ‘Uomo Italiano’. The combination of the ’tache and arched type, together with the fresh vibrant colour palette blends to provide Baffo with a suitably playful and friendly identity.